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MUTEK Arab Emirates breaks new ground within the Middle East's contemporary and digital art scene.
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MUTEK Arab Emirates is a festival with a platform that promotes and shares cutting-edge ideas in sound and digital arts. Launched in 2017, MUTEK.AE is now preparing for its 3rd edition in 2024, in collaboration with AlSerkal Avenue and Dubai Economy and Tourism.

MUTEK.AE has become a vital force for advanced artists and audiences interested in digital creativity in the Arab region. As a member of the Global MUTEK Network, which originated in Montreal in 1999, MUTEK.AE is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and connecting artists, audiences, and urban spaces through the limitless possibilities of sound and digital arts.

Each edition, called Micro MUTEK, represents a quest to discover new ways of bringing together artists, audiences, and urban environments, fostering a spirit of experimentation and establishing MUTEK.AE as a symbol of creative dynamism in the region. By doing so, we solidify the Arab Emirates as a crucial hub for innovators from around the world.

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The Global MUTEK Network serves as a platform for the promotion and development of digital creativity in sound, music, audiovisual arts, and technology. With over two decades of experience organizing festivals, symposiums, and academic programs in Montreal, the network has expanded to include cities such as Mexico City, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and Dubai.

From debut performances and special installations to immersive arts and cutting-edge electronic music accompanied by audiovisual experimentation, MUTEK Arab Emirates continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression and captivate audiences with its bold and visionary programming.

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MUTEK Arab Emirates breaks new ground within the Middle East's contemporary and digital art scene, curating the most cutting-edge programs in Dubai, one of the leading cities in Digital Arts & Live Electronic Music.

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