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Sébastien Schnabel x MandibullFR

Sébastien Schnabel x Mandibull<sup>FR</sup>
Sébastien Schnabel x MandibullFR

After traveling across Europe with their various formations, Sebastien Schnabel, founding member of the Av-Exciters Collective, and Fred Delavergne (Mandibull) have been working together for several years around the notions of architecture, travel, and social relationships. The two artists use immersive 360° video and spatial sound to question these simple notions in a resolutely modern and total universe. The reflection induced by working in this immersive universe questions the relationship of the viewer to the work and the notion of surface, which they enjoy deforming to propose an alternative vision of the world around them.

Adapt initial fixed paintings into an animated universe and a dreamlike journey. This journey takes the viewer through a captivating exploration of pixels and point clouds, accompanied by the immersive sound universe created by Mandibull. The viewer's voyage spans from the Vosges valleys to the High Atlas plateaus, allowing them to discover and experience diverse architectural universes along the way. This multifaceted exploration aims to provide an alternative vision of the world, challenging the viewer's perception of surface and space.