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March 29, 2024
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Hands On: TouchDesigner and Performance Lab

TD workshop

Pictured: TouchDesigner used on 'Entanglement Dome' (2023) by France Jobin and Markus Heckmann / Photo by Ash KG (

Digi Lab is an educational and professional development component designed for the creative community, featuring panels, workshops, and a performance lab. This innovative space is tailored to the convergence of art and technology, providing a platform for creative exploration and collaboration. Attendees can expect a dynamic program that fosters experimentation and learning, reflecting the intersection of digital creativity and artistic expression within the vibrant setting of Alserkal Avenue.

This year MICRO MUTEK AE features 2 main educational activities you should know of:

Performance Lab

In a space for the unexpected, Performance Lab is an open environment for making new, collaborative works and experiments together. On May 3, 4 and 5 facilitators sér and Peter Kirn will welcome a range of skills, from music and audiovisual technology skills to instrumental performance, voice, visual arts, movement, and visual art. 'We’ll combine our skills to explore new ways of working with one another and improvising. This is an open playground for collaboration as the essential technology and instrument.'

The outcome of this lab will be a live performance as part of the MICRO MUTEK.AE Edition 3 program. Our co-hosts will select a group that we feel will be balanced in skills and background, open to collaboration, and that will work well together for the performance.



A two-part workshop led by Markus Heckmann on May 4 and 5, where participants will explore different approaches to creating content for full-dome environments using the tools available in TouchDesigner. In addition to learning how to set up 3D renders to feed real-time content to a dome system, we will also look at compositing techniques and previsualization strategies that are important when preparing work for this type of immersive space.

While the first part will focus on understanding the technical requirements, working in a previsualization system and preparing a show, the second part will give participants the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test.


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