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Play 1

Saturday, May 4, 2024
5:00 pm_11:00 pm

The Fridge Warehouse, Alserkal Avenue


Included in the Passport

Play 1 showcases regional and international talents through the use of electronic instruments, promising an evening of performances pushing the boundaries of creativity and offering experimental listening and delicate live performances. Immerse yourself in the diverse and innovative world of electronic arts and music.

Line Katcho AV CA/QC

Montreal-based composer and audio-visual artist, Line Katcho’s primary interest is in sound and image as demonstrations of motion, forces, or gestures, she also distinguishes herself through an affinity for perceptual games and a talent for the use of effect. Her creative vision and boundless inventiveness will produce a sound at MUTEK.AE that will be both alluring and thought-provoking leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed her captivating artistry.

Resound Showcase- Double Slit PT/AE

Double Slit's musical style can be described as an exploration of unique sonic landscapes featuring industrial, textured soundscapes that evoke a sense of mysterious darkness. He blends distorted rhythms with haunting melodies, creating an intriguing and immersive atmosphere. Double Slit's music transports listeners to a world that is enigmatic yet strangely beautiful, inviting them to delve into the complexities of his sonic universe. Double Slit is part of the Resound UAE showcase at MICRO MUTEK.AE

Resound Showcase- Shoombufo OM

Omani duo Shoombufo's audio-visual performance will showcase live compositions with modular synthesizers crafted on the spot. The set will progress seamlessly from experimental ambient/downtempo all the way up to dark psychedelic trance and techno. Shoombufo is part of the Resound UAE showcase at MICRO MUTEK.AE

Idlefon IR/CA

Aesthetics of Survival is Idlefon’s new set they are bringing to MICRO MUTEK.AE. This live set marks a change in Idlefon’s approach to vocals and unlike their previous work, finds a new focus on lyricism and singing. In this live set, they work towards finding a fitting blend between shoegaze-inspired vocals and IDM/industrial music.

Burnt Friedman & João Pais Filipe DE+PT

This project delves into the fusion of automatic pattern-composition in music, led by João Pais Filipe on drums and Burnt Friedman on electronics. Their collaboration not only explores rhythmic phenomena but also delves into the acoustic properties of metal percussion instruments crafted by João Pais Filipe. By merging expertise in music composition, percussion craftsmanship, and electronic soundscapes, this project aims to push boundaries in rhythmic exploration, offering audiences a unique auditory experience that transcends cultural norms and challenges conventional Western music theories.

Bint Mbareh PS/UK

Through field recordings from Tunis, Baghdad, Ramallah, London, and the internet to construct dilapidated collages woven together with long, melismatic vocals, Bint Mbareh will present work stemming from research into mourning and lamentation music. The voice, orality, and therefore tempOrality are central to the work, questioning the time (often signified by breathing = singing) that can be stolen from the wariness of every day to describe, witness, language, and signify the systematic killing and loss that results from the ongoing apocalypse caused by end-stage capitalism (with settler colonialism as its current symptom).

Sébastien Labrunie
Sébastien LabrunieFR Sébastien LabrunieFR Sébastien LabrunieFR Sébastien LabrunieFR Sébastien LabrunieFR Sébastien LabrunieFR Sébastien LabrunieFR Sébastien LabrunieFR