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April 9, 2023
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P H A R U S - A Data driven Interactive Installation by Amir B. Ash


PHARUS is an interactive installation, designed by Amir B. Ash. with sound design by Shahin Entezami, to highlight the pressing issue of climate change by visualizing the trajectory of the local climate over the past decades. In the installation’s debut at MUTEK.AE in Dubai, the giant 16-foot monolith displays a gradually clustering data visualization by applying per capita CO2 emissions, annual CO2 emissions, and surface temperature anomalies from 1959 to 2021.

Pharus O

PHARUS’ interaction with the individual audience is a simple defense mechanism. As the viewer approaches the installation, the visualization of the data becomes more intense and chaotic, mirroring the growing urgency of the issue. PHARUS makes a point of not just reminding us of a crisis, but rightfully pointing the finger, hoping to invert the collective numbness of our species.

In creating this installation, the artist deliberately chose to keep the visuals minimal, uncluttered, and clear. PHARUS is shy and humble, it is simply here on a mission to remind the passing citizens of an ongoing crisis. It wants the audience’s attention drawn to the data itself, not too flashy eye-catching visuals.

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